The Weather Diaries

The Weather Diaries

CODA Museum | 01.11.2015 t/m 28.02.2016

CODA Museum presents The Weather Diaries, an exhibition by artist duo Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer. The Weather Diaries shows picturesque and poetic photographs as well as installations by ten Nordic artists and designers, where the forces of nature and weather are tangible. The exhibition will be opened on 31 October at 4 p.m.

Over the course of two years, Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer visited the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Iceland to explore the influence of traditions and the natural environment on local artists and fashion designers.

Poetic stories

As opposed to traditional anthropologists, who use their cameras to capture communities and their culture in a scientific manner, Cooper & Gorfer transform their observations into poetic stories told through images. They turn their impressions into staged photographs, adding layers of colour, textures and symbolism. On their journey, Cooper & Gorfer soon discovered that the harshness of the weather, the isolation and the limited availability of materials form a unique source of creativity and inspiration for the artists and designers in this region.

Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands

A connecting element between the cultures of Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands is the desire to work with the expression of their national identity. In Ena with Eyes Shut, a piece by Nikolaj Kristensen and the poster image of this exhibition, we see the national collar of Greenland, which is entirely made out of heavy glass beads. The costume's weight is paradoxical: it symbolises both the pride and the limitations that accompany tradition – and the fear of its loss.

The Weather Diaries

The Weather Diaries shows the work of 10 designers and artists, as captured by Cooper & Gorfer, and 7 accompanying installations. The exhibition was premiered in 2014 as part of the third Nordic Fashion Biennale. Cooper & Gorfer created an aesthetic and metaphorical exhibition that moves away from the conventional fashion world. Instead of focussing on seasonal trends, the exhibition explores the creativity of the artists and designers, establishes links to cultural identity, and scrutinises the influence of nature and weather.


CODA director Carin Reinders and artist duo Cooper & Gorfer cordially invite you to attend the opening on Saturday 31 October at 4 p.m. If you will be attending, please notify us by sending an email to If you would like to make use of the buffet afterwards (€15 per person), please indicate this in your email. You will receive a voucher granting you access to the buffet after payment at the CODA Museumbalie on Saturday 31 October.

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