Broken memories, precarious links

Necklace Tota Reciclados
Photo: Damian Wasser

Assembled jewellery by Tota Reciclados     

21.09.2014 to 25.01.2015

Fragments of old jewellery and everyday objects, bits of fabric, photos, illustrations and other memorabilia; they lie around unused and rarely looked at in kitchen drawers, nightstands or boxes in the attic. But they are not thrown away. After all, they tell personal stories or represent precious memories.

During their stay in Amsterdam, Tota Reciclados – formed by Argentinian designers Valeria Hasse and Marcela Muñiz – invited neighbours, artists and students to donate these kinds of objects and materials and to share the stories attached to them. They used the materials they were given in jewels that together make up a collection. In return each participant will get back a specifically designed piece of the final collection, including part or all the material they left behind, mixed with other material.

As a conclusion to this project, the collection will be exhibited in CODA Museum.

More information about the project and Tota Reciclados (pdf)

Broche Tota Reciclados
Photos: Damian Wasser
Necklace Tota Reciclados
Necklace Tota Reciclados
Valerie Hasse en Marcela Muniz
Valerie Hasse en Marcela Muniz

Tota Reciclados

The Argentinian duo Tota Reciclados consists of designers Valeria Hass (1963) and Marcela Muñiz (1959). Hasse and Muñiz are based in Buenos Aires but travel all over the world with their projects and workshops. Their work is part of several private collections and the collection of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway.

Tota Reciclados were selected as Artists in Residence by the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation in 2013. During their stay in Studio Rian de Jong in Amsterdam they developed Broken Memories, Precarious Links, creating a new jewellery collection with its own story, made up of old materials and existing stories and memories.

Workshops | 03.10 or 05.10.2014

In October, Valeria Hasse and Marcela Muñiz will conduct a two workshop in which materials or objects brought along by the audience will be assembled into new jewels. Participants will be educated on various techniques. Costs are € 5, per child and € 7,50 per adult.

Please sign up via or call 0031 55 5268 400.

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