CODA ApeldoornEnglish Organization


CODA wants to be an emporium filled with culture for a large and broad public, where a library, an archive as well as the discovery and enjoyment of the museum occupy centre stage.
Important social developments are closely followed, discussions are held, publications initiated, knowledge, information and documentation are offered in the field of not only literature, music, film, archives, the history of Apeldoorn and its surrounding areas, but also of artists’ books, jewellery, art on and made of paper. Illustrated by authentic objects, lively and interactive presentations tell the stories of and about people.
Visitors are stimulated to share their experiences with each other and with us.
A high-quality programme is realised for many people (accessibility to a wide public is an absolute must) with the requests of the customer providing the basis for the products and services that are to be developed.
This mission in a nutshell: an emporium of culture with a wide and varied selection.
We hope we may welcome you.

drs Carin E.M. Reinders,

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