Discover CODA’s Collection

Discover CODA’s Collection

CODA’s collections

CODA’s collection of contemporary and modern art evolved from the collection that was built up by the former Van Reekum Museum. The collection consists of several subcollections comprising paintings, sculptures, graphics, ex libris, artists’ books and jewellery.

From 2004, CODA Museum has been expanding this broad collection and giving it more focus by emphasising contemporary jewellery design and visual art on and made of paper and cardboard. The historical collection and the collection of wooden ADO toys by Ko Verzuu are also highlighted. Take a look at CODA’s collection on Collectie Gelderland.

CODA’s jewellery collection

Adorning and decorating are as old as humanity itself. Clothes and jewellery do not only express who we are but also invite conversation. Wearing jewellery is about freedom, self-awareness and identity. Moreover, jewellery is part of fashions that succeed each other in rapid course and in which ever-changing accessories play an important role. With over 9000 objects, CODA owns the largest museological collection of artists’ jewellery and costume jewellery in the world. This collection grows steadily through acquisitions, loans, donations and legacies and gives an overview of the development of jewellery between the mid-1960s and the present day.

During the Museumcongres 2015, CODA was presented with the State jewellery collection by MP Jet Bussemaker. This collection consists of over 400 objects and was given to CODA Museum on a long-term loan, with the intention of turning the loan into a donation. In the same year, Redefining Jewellery, a book about the jewellery collection, was published. 2016 saw the realisation of a new presentation space for CODA’s own collection. CODA Museum presents the jewellery collection and the State donation in different combinations through anthologies and thematic and monographic presentations. 

Françoise van den Bosch

Lucy Sarneel - Starry Sky Drive (2011)

Iris Bodemer - Relief I - fotograaf Julian Kirschler

Iris Bodemer - Relief I - fotograaf Julian Kirschler

Designer’s archives

Because CODA does not only encompass an archive but also a library and a museum, we always find new angles from which to focus on modern artists’ jewellery and our own collection. Since 2003, CODA has been collecting, reworking and opening up the archives of jewellery designers like Onno Boekhoudt (1944-2002), Nicolaas Thuys (1927-1989) and Chris Steenbergen (1920-2007). CODA strives to add more designers’ archives in the coming years. Acquisition is not an aim in itself, here. The main goal is to make the archives accessible, so a broad audience can become acquainted with the designers’ work method and way of thinking. The jewellery is merely an ‘end product’ in this context; the designers’ archives offer insight into the entire process, from sketching, concept development and realisation to end product. The initial sketches, the maker’s correspondence, photos, tools and information about the materials that were used tell the ‘story’ behind the jewellery.

Take a look at the work of Onno Boekhoudt, Chris Steenbergen and Nicolaas Thuys on Dutch Jewellery Platform

Onno Boekhoudt - Room for a finger

Chris Steenbergen – 8 diverse houten en metalen proefmodellen van ringen

The amazing potential of paper

Paper astonishes and inspires. The power of paper is amazing and versatile. Beauty and a wealth of colour go hand in hand with themes like sustainability, current issues and innovation. The province of Gelderland has been the site of an extensive paper industry since the 16th century, an industry that still flourishes today. Enough reason for CODA to put paper and cardboard centre stage in part of its collection and during CODA Paper Art. In uneven years, this biennial exhibition shows recent works by artists and designers from the Netherlands and abroad.  

Couzijn van Leeuwen - Porseleinkast (2007)

Ferry Staverman - Regalia (2009)

Nel Linssen - Halsketting (1995)

Historical collection

The collection of the former Historisch Museum Apeldoorn was built up over the course of more than a century and resides in CODA. Themes that are highlighted in the collection are living and working in the Oost-Veluwe region (social history), historical and editorial cartoons, the history of and archaeology in Apeldoorn and surrounding areas, textile (traditional dress of the Veluwe region), and art and design from Apeldoorn, with work from amongst others, the Wegerif, Lieman and Andrée families.

Harpstedt-urn-(800-12-BC) - donation Jacob Diederik Moerman

Scraper from the Tjonger period (10.000---9.000-v. Chr,) donation Mr. L.G. Heij

Bottle of Cheerio fruit lemonade (1930---1960) donation Tim ter Bals

Chris Wegerif – Two armchairs (after 1901)

ADO Collection

CODA owns a large collection of wooden ADO toys. These colourful toys were made from the 1920s by the tuberculosis patients of the Berg en Bosch sanatorium in Apeldoorn. To prepare them for their return to society, the patients were given occupational therapy. A large part of this therapy consisted of making the wooden ADO toys. ‘ADO’ was originally an acronym for ‘Arbeid Door Onvolwaardigen’ (labour by lesser-abled). In 1962 this was changed to ‘Apart Doelmatig Onverwoestbaar’ (unique functional indestructible).

Between 1925 and 1955, under the management of designer Ko Verzuu, the toys were given a revolutionary design inspired by the visual idiom of De Stijl. Verzuu chose bright colours and taut shapes. The cars, doll’s house furniture, building block boxes and games are of great cultural and art historical value. A small selection of these toys is permanently on display in CODA Junior.

View and search CODA Museum’s ADO collection on Collectie Gelderland.

ADO Toy Collection - Ko-Verzuu

ADO Toy Collection - Ko-Verzuu

ADO Toy Collection - Ko-Verzuu