Wilfredo Prieto (1978, Cuba)

De nieuwe betekenis van alledaagse zaken; Wilfredo Prieto toont ons de vele fenomenen die regelmatig onder de radar blijven. Hoe een andere verpakking of titel van een werk ervoor kan zorgen dat we anders gaan kijken en denken; houden we onszelf wellicht voor de gek? Maatschappelijke, politieke en sociale fenomenen en systemen in ironische- of spelvorm ontdek je in zijn werk tijdens CODA Paper Art.


Everyday objects and materials form the basis of the works of Wilfredo Prieto. With minimal intervention and means, he manages to give new meaning to ordinary objects. Same Paper offers an ironic view on the way we let ourselves be deceived. Different packaging gives a different function to the same paper. Paper folded to the far right, inclined to the left consists of a single sheet of paper, folded and stuck to the wall with tape. When words are ‘given’ to manual actions it is as if we are looking at a political game. The impossibility of the white to be black and the black to be white consists of two sheets of paper that are equally sized but each have a different colour and refers to the philosophical theory in Guy Debord’s book Society of Spectacle. It deals with reality versus illusion and whether people can still tell the difference. 

Wilfredo Prieto

Toilet paper and paper napkins - 2018