Erik de Bree (1977, Nederland)

Vellen papier, soms beschilderd, worden met veel passie bewerkt door Erik de Bree. Wellicht onorthodox qua bewerking, maar altijd resulterend in schoonheid. Hoe ontstaat uit te lijf gegaan behang ‘gevuld’ met inkt of scheurpatronen iets prachtigs en nieuws? Je ontdekt het tijdens CODA Paper Art.

Instagram: @erikdebree2017


Erik de Bree regularly chooses (wall)paper as the basis for his works. His Wallpaper Paintings for instance, are made by applying wallpaper to panels and then ripping off the paper until a composition is realised. Coincidence and being open to unpredictability play an important role. The Withdrawal Symptoms are created by gluing together sheets of (painted) paper, where he used a knife to cut into them. The notches are filled with ink and the excess ink is then removed, leaving lines. Parts of the paper are then torn or cut off to effect the final – rougher – composition. Destruction can hold beauty, demolition leads to new things.

Erik de Bree

Wallpaper painting #24 - 2015

Withdrawal Symptom #6 - 2016

Withdrawal Symptom #18 - 2017