CODA's collection of contemporary art is based on the collection that was built up by the former Van Reekum Museum from 1978. From 2004, CODA Museum has been expanding the collection and sharpening its focus by emphasising two core areas: visual art in which paper plays the leading part, and artists' jewellery. The province of Gelderland has been the site of a paper industry since the 16th century. To this very day, this industry flourishes, explores, innovates and experiments. More than enough reason and context, then, for CODA to put paper and cardboard centre stage and show how these materials inspire artists and designers all over the world. This is not only reflected by the museum's permanent collection but also during the biennial exhibition CODA Paper Art.


CODA Paper Art is an international exhibition: artists and designers from all over the world have been part of the exhibition so far. CODA Paper Art has no theme. Its aim is to show what has recently been made from paper and/or cardboard. Various criteria (technical quality, originality, level of innovation and experimentation, expressive power) play a role in the selecting of the artworks.


We invite professional artists and designers who work with paper and/or cardboard to submit a proposal for CODA Paper Art 2019. It is important that the proposed work is recent (no older than two years). Proposals for new work or work to be realised in the museum can also be submitted. CODA's exhibition hall is perfectly suited to large spatial works.


In order to be taken into consideration, proposals for participation should include the following:


  • Description of the work or the proposed work to be made in the museum
  • Description of process, material, format, required equipment, etc.
  • The artist's CV
  • The artist's biography (background, education, projects and exhibitions)
  • A photo of the work in high resolution or sketches of the proposed work (maker, title, year, material and photography credit to be incorporated in the file name)


Please note: submission of a proposal does not automatically lead to inclusion in the exhibition. Send your proposal to until 01.08.2020. Submissions sent in after 01.08.2020 will not be considered.