Collected with Passion, Donated with Love


The Riet and Johan van Lonkhuijsen collection | 15.01 to 28.05.2017 | CODA Museum

Earlier this year, CODA Museum received an extraordinary private donation: the jewellery collection of Riet and Johan van Lonkhuijsen. This collection consists of more than 150 objects made by over 50 artists and designers. Riet and Johan van Lonkhuijsen built up their collection with passion and dedication. They decided that their collection was to be donated to CODA after their passing away. This decision was motivated by CODA's large existing collection of artist jewellery, the museum's collection policy regarding artist jewellery, and its willingness to accept donations. Moreover, CODA's active exhibition policy guaranteed that their beloved collection would continue to be displayed, which meant that their passion for jewellery would remain visible and tangible. From 15 January up to 28 May 2017 inclusive, CODA presents an overview of this unique private collection with Met passie verzameld, met liefde geschonken, an exhibition that was compiled by guest curator Ward Schrijver.

The Van Lonkhuijsen collection

Architect couple Riet and Johan van Lonkhuijsen were highly politically and socially involved and had a broad interest in literature, music and the visual arts. Their fondness of jewellery was partly due to how it combines the artistic, the artisanal and the practical. Even though they were both educated in a strict, modernist tradition, they gladly let themselves be tempted to explore unknown territory. The legacy that CODA recently received is the result of over twenty-five years of passionate and dedicated selecting and collecting. The wearability and use as well as the autonomous quality of the work were always crucial factors when acquiring new objects. Their frequent visiting of jewellery exhibitions led to friendships with several jewellery artists over the years. Occasionally these friendships led to commissions. The Van Lonkhuijsen collection is broad and diverse but does show a number of accents. For example, they mainly acquired work from Dutch artists. Katja Prins, Lucy Sarneel, Truike Verdegaal, Ted Noten, Philip Sajet, Ruudt Peters and Onno Boekhoudt are represented in the collection with important work. This context never became a straightjacket, however. There was always room for surprise and deviation and the freedom to fall for whatever presented itself: the sophisticated simplicity of Spanish jewellery artist Marc Monzó, an unruly necklace by the Swiss Bernhard Schobinger ofd a poetic brooch made by Bettina Speckner from Germany.

Riet and Johan van Lonkhuijsen

Architects Riet and Johan van Lonkhuijsen met when they both studied at the institute that is now the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, where they were taught by Aldo van Eyck, amongst others. Johan van Lonkhuijsen had his own interior architecture firm for most of his professional life. Riet struck out in a different direction in the end and spent her working years mainly focussing on social problems, for which she was trained at the Sociale Academie.



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