Jewellery collection CODA Museum Apeldoorn

CODA Museum owns a collection of modern art that also comprises a large jewellery collection of some 9000 objects. The origins of this collection lie in the 1960s. The collection grew steadily through active collecting, acquiring, loans, donations and legacies, and is now the largest museological collection of jewellery in the Netherlands. During Museumcongres 2015, CODA was presented the State Jewellery Collection by Minister Jet Bussemaker. This collection consists of over 400 objects and was given on long-term loan to CODA Museum with the intention of turning the loan into a donation in the future. In the same year, Redefining Jewellery, a book about CODA Museum’s jewellery collection, was published. In 2016, a new exhibition space for CODA’s own collection was realised. CODA Museum presents its jewellery collection and the State’s donation in varying combinations through anthologies and thematic and monographic presentations. 

Nel Linssen
Onno Boekhoudt
Lucy Sarneel
David Bielander
Alexander Blank
Felieke van der Leest
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