First anthology of CODA’s jewellery collection in renewed exhibition space

CODA Museum | 12.06 t/m 11.09.2016

In 2015 CODA Museum received a generous gift of € 255,000 from the BankGiro Lotterij for the renewal of the jewellery display gallery and to broaden the collection with fashion jewellery. In October of the same year the transference of the State jewellery collection took place. In recent months new display cases have been installed and lighting has been optimised. Thus, a refurbished exhibition space has been realised. CODA Museum presents the jewellery collection and the jewellery from the State collection in anthologies that will be reconstituted and revised every three months. The first anthology, on show from 12 June until 11 September, is accompanied by the presentation of Redefining Jewellery, a publication about CODA’s Jewellery collection.

Hellen Britton

CODA Museum has two collections to which artworks have been added for over 100 years: a historical collection and a collection of modern art. One of the most distinguishing components of the modern art collection is the selection of contemporary jewellery. This collection of approximately 6500 pieces has its origin in the sixties of the last century and will continue to grow in coming years through purchases, donations and legacies. It now is the largest museum collection of contemporary jewellery in the Netherlands. Due to the excellent quality of the Dutch academies many objects of Dutch makers are included. Yet, also the work of artists from other European countries, America and Asia is part of the CODA collection. The collection however focuses on the works of artists from Northern Europe.

State jewellery collection

In October 2015, during the Museum Conference in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, CODA director Carin Reinders received the State jewellery collection consisting of over 400 pieces from Jet Bussemaker, minister of Education, Culture and Science as a permanent loan with the intention to convert this loan into a grant. The State collection is a wonderful addition to the CODA collection.

Bugatti ring

Designers' archives

CODA also collects and discloses designers’ archives like those from Onno Boekhoudt, Chris Steenbergen and Nicolaas Thuys. Because CODA not only exists of a museum but also includes a public library and the municipal archive, the designers’ archives are disclosed from a broad, multidisciplinary perspective. The designers’ archives have therefore become part of the collection policy. Thus, CODA collects, processes and discloses since 2003 the archives of jewellery designers like Onno Boekhoudt, Nicholaas Thuys and Chris Steenbergen.

Redefining Jewellery

During the opening of the first anthology in the new and refurbished exhibition space CODA director Carin Reinders presented Redefining Jewellery, a publication compiled by CODA director Carin Reinders. Redefining Jewellery focuses on the jewellery collection of CODA, it’s history, current state of affairs, development and future collection policy. Redefining Jewellery offers ample space to images of the featured objects and includes a register of all artist and an English translation. Order Redefining Jewellery.

David Bielander
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