CODA Paper Art 2015 (EN)

07.06 t/m 25.10.2015

An enormous deer made from paper,, the immense wings of Icarus, fairy-like masks and striking jewels made of paper. All this can be seen from 7 June to 25 October during CODA Paper Art in CODA Museum Apeldoorn.

CODA Museum puts on grand display - CODA Paper Art 2015

Paper and cardboard are relatively simple and fairly cheap materials that, combined with traditional and modern techniques and the artist’s inspiration, show their endless possibilities and expressive power in staggering and dynamic but sometimes also moving and subtle ways. After a highly successful edition in 2013, CODA Museum Apeldoorn presents CODA Paper Art 2015, an exhibition that provides ample space – both literally and figuratively – for the installations, spatial works and specially selected jewellery of 36 artists from the Netherlands and abroad whose work is centred around paper and cardboard.

Poster Paper Art 2015

The mysterious tree-patterned mask Behind the Gates by American artist Phillip Valdez does not only grace the poster of this edition of Paper Art, but is also part of this exhibition, along with a number of other masks representing death. Valdez has also made a new mask for CODA Paper Art 2015.

Rogan Brown - Outbreak

A sneak peek at CODA Paper Art 2015

Especially for CODA Paper Art, Indian artist Himanshu Agrawal, known for the immense paper artworks he made for the ad campaigns of brands like Canon, Toyota and Audi, has created a 20-foot deer – iconic for the Veluwe – that greets people in CODA Museum’s entrance hall. British-Irish artist Rogan Brown makes refined artworks no taller than a hand and are paper representations of bacteria and microbes that are grown in Petri dishes. Dutch artist Berdien Nieuwenhuizen has also created a new piece exclusively for CODA Paper Art 2015. Over the entrance of CODA Library, she will mount the wings of Icarus. This monumental installation represents human hubris as featured in the Greek myth about Daedalus and his son Icarus.

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Explore all artists displaying at CODA Paper Art 2015

CODA Paper Art displays works by 36 artists from all over the world. Keep yourself updated on #CODAPaperArt follow CODA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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