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Teun Renes with friends and colleagues from past and present

02.02 to 21.04.2014

Teun Renes (1923) can rightfully be called the nestor of modern art in Apeldoorn. From the 1970s on, the Amsterdam-born artist has greatly influenced the development of modern art in and outside Apeldoorn. He is known for the Start exhibitions he staged during his time with Centraal Beheer. As fellow initiator of the Wilhelminaring, an oeuvre award for sculpting, his influence continues. CODA put together a varied exhibition that does not only give an overview of Teun Renes’ development as an artist, but also allows room for works by artist friends who have inspired him. It also includes a number of ethnographic objects from his private collection.

Despite Renes’ ninety years and his rich, varied oeuvre, the exhibition in CODA Museum is not a retrospective. In order to do justice to his long career, his personal development, but also to his ties with fellow artists, CODA opted for an approach that combines his own work from specific periods with that of artists who were important to Renes at the time.

An important period in Teun Renes’ career was the 1950s. At this time, the Liga Nieuwe Beelden (1955-1969) was founded, a group of visual artists and architects. Carel Visser (1928) was one of the most important artists within the Liga Nieuwe Beelden and an influence on Teun Renes’ work and development. During this period, Renes worked for Centraal Beheer to make a living. As a visual artist, he made expressive, three-dimensional sculptures at that time.
During the sixties, Renes’ work developed from images with great expression into more sober and abstract ones. This lasted till the mid-seventies, when Centraal Beheer moved from Amsterdam to Apeldoorn and Renes decided to move with the company. His formal source of inspiration at that time was César Domela (1900-1922), but the personal friendships Renes developed with, for instance, artist Fred Sieger (1902-1999) were at least as important. Strikingly, Renes mainly befriended artists who worked in very different ways.

After his move from Amsterdam to Apeldoorn, Teun Renes was in charge of Centraal Beheer’s newly founded art department. His main task was to acquire art and build up a company collection. The Start exhibitions he developed within and outside Centraal Beheer’s walls were revolutionary. These exhibitions offered an overview of the latest developments in contemporary art. To achieve this, Renes invited every art academy graduate to send in up to three works. There was no selection.

Centraal Beheer’s art collection and exhibitions came into being at a time when the general consensus was that the quality of work could be improved by integrating art into the daily work environment. For Renes, this period at Centraal Beheer was symbolised by the work of artist Nicolas Dings (1953), whose artworks were purchased quite early by the Van Reekum Museum, which merged with the Historisch Museum Apeldoorn to form CODA in 2003.

Around the turn of the century, Renes adopted a new art form: objects made from Perspex, through which he, in the tradition of the Stijl and Nieuwe Beelden, explored the development of the flat surface into three-dimensional objects. These objects, together with organic wood forms, form the core of the exhibition in CODA Museum. With two completely opposite ways of working – constructive and organic – it is a game of contrasts. Moreover, it symbolises a duality that characterises Renes’ work. In the exhibition, these Perspex sculptures and the organic wood forms are combined with a selection of ethnographica from Renes’ superb collection.

During his entire career as an artist, Teun Renes has devoted himself to the development of sculpture in general, and the artistic climate of Apeldoorn in particular. Both come together in the development of the Wilhelminaring, a biannual oeuvre award for sculpture, which is accompanied by the assignment of making an artwork for Apeldoorn’s public space.

The exhibition Teun Renes and Friends is not only a tribute to the artist Teun Renes, but also a beautiful and personal overview of modern art in the past six decades. In addition to Teun Renes’ work, the exhibition includes works by César Domela, Carel Visser, Fred Sieger, Nicolas Dings, Martha Waijop, Emiel Bruggeman and Frans Polman.

On the occasion of Teun Renes’ ninetieth birthday in November 2013 and the exhibition in CODA Museum, the book Teun Renes – een leven vol kunst will be published at the beginning of 2014. This publication is an initiative of Renes’ friends Joop and Elske Brehler, Micheline Tasseron and Jeannette Groenink. The book is 96 pages long and costs € 25. It can be purchased from CODA Winkel and through the order form on

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