The jewellery collection of Annie Brouwer-Korf

A unique and personal collection

06.04 to 25.05.2014

Annie Brouwer-Korf
Annie Brouwer-Korf (Photo Ans Dekkers Fotogravin ®)

It started in 1977 with a bet between Annie Brouwer-Korf and her husband Hans Brouwer. The deal was that the loser had to buy a jewel for the winner. Annie lost and bought her husband a silver bracelet at Galerie Marzee in Nijmegen, where she was a member of the council at the time, and later became alderwoman. The bet was the beginning of a rich and varied collection of jewels that each tell a – often personal – story.

Annie Brouwer expanded her jewellery collection in the years following the bet. A purchase was often determined by love at first sight. According to Annie, her interest was not so much focused on the material as on the shape and the way the jewel was made. Galerie Marzee in Nijmegen continued to play an important role in the development of the collection.

Unique in Annie Brouwer’s collection is the contemporary jewellery that artist and jewellery designer Annelies Planteijdt made from the classic jewels that used to belong to Annie Brouwer’s mother. These exceptional and special jewels by Planteijdt, which form the core of Annie Brouwer’s collection, will be given ample room in the exhibition in CODA Museum. During the period in which Annelies Planteijdt worked on this jewellery, Annie Brouwer became seriously ill. Planteijdt’s jewellery gave her comfort and courage in this difficult time.

Jewellery by Annelies Planteijdt (Photos Galerie Marzee)

Annelies Planteijdt
Annelies Planteijdt
Collier 'My mothers years'
Annelies Planteijdt

Besides Annelies Planteijdt’s jewellery, the exhibition in CODA Museum will include work by Hans Appenzeller, Gijs Bakker, Laura Bakker, Iris Bodemer, Onno Boekhoudt, Françoise van den Bosch, Mecky van den Brink, Petra Hartman, Maria Hees, Marion Herbst, Stephanie Jendis, Rian de Jong, Beppe Kessler, Nel Linssen, Ruudt Peters, Katja Prins, Philip Sajet, Lucy Sarneel, Etsuko Sonobe, Salima Thakker, and Frank Tjepkema.

The exhibition in CODA Museum came about in collaboration with Galerie Marzee in Nijmegen and was opened by Marjan Unger on 6 April.

Annie Brouwer-Korf

Politician Annie Brouwer-Korf (Groningen, 19 July 1946) was mayor of the city of Utrecht from 1999 to 2008. Previously, she had been mayor of Zutphen and Amersfoort. She started her career in Nijmegen as a member of the council and then went on to become alderwoman in that same city. On 23 May 1977, Brouwer-Korf was one of the passengers on the train that was hijacked at De Punt. She was three months pregnant with her first child at the time. On 5 June, she and another pregnant woman were released. The hijacking at De Punt and the issues underlying it induced her to go into politics. She retired in 2007, but is still active as a member of various boards and committees. Annie Brouwer-Korf is married to Hans Brouwer, and they have two children.

Jewellery collection CODA Museum

CODA Museum has two collections to which jewels have been added for over 100 years: a historical collection and a collection of modern art. One of the most distinguishing components of the modern art collection is the selection of contemporary jewellery. This jewellery collection does not only trace the developments in jewellery design, but also shows how the relationship between the jewel and visual art, fashion, and design has developed over the past decades. With thematic exhibitions and monographic presentations, CODA Museum continuously charts these developments. CODA’s jewellery collection consists of over 4000 objects.

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