Migration in images - a European perspective

Migration in images

EDICs from different countries have established the project 'Migration inimages - a European perspective', in order to deal with the impact of migration which affects European cities, to show the role of the Third Sector (Associations and Volunteers) in managing the correlated services and to highlight different European realities and situations due to geographical positions.

Each EDIC has made a video (±10 minutes) which shows problems facing the tertiary sector in the region concerned and the services and solutions that are offered. In August and September, two videos are published weekly. The main purpose of this joint project is to show the differences and similarities in the participating cities.

Participating EDIC’s: Ekumeniska EU Kontoret (Sweden), Europe Direct Haskovo (Bulgaria), Europe Direct Koper (Slovenia), Europe Direct Grenoble (France), Europe Direct Firenze, Europe Direct Enna, Europe Direct Trapani, Europe Direct Vibo Valentia en Europe Direct Vercelli (all Italy), Europa Kaiserslautern (Germany) en Europe Direct Apeldoorn (Netherlands).

Below is our video. This video follows Samiel, an Eritrean refugee who has been living in the Netherlands since 2014, during language classes and at a work participation project. Video’s from the other participating EDIC’s will be added in the weeks when they are published and also shared via facebook and twitter:

Video's other EDIC's:

Europe Direct Kore Enna  (Italy)

Europe Direct Grenoble (France)                    Europe Direct Vibo Valentia (Italy)

Europe Direct Firenze (Italy)                           ED Vercelli (Italy)

EDIC Haskovo (Bulgaria)                                Europe Direct Koper (Slovenia)

EDIC Kaiserslautern (Germany)                      Europe Direct Ekumeniska EU-kontoret (Sweden)

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